We are prepared to offer you free expert advice on town planning matters and how 2020 Planning Group can assist you. We have the capacity to deliver successful projects at agreed time frames and can also outsource certain specialized services like environmental management and engineering through our partnerships. We make town planning process simple and quick regardless of project size. Our services are guaranteed to be on time, on budget and meet our client’s expectations.

2020 Planning Group offers a wide range of town planning services in the northern region of South Africa, including:

  • Project management – Management of all development application processes including (land use, engineering services, environmental management, traffic impact studies, road access, survey and etc).
  • Due diligences and feasibility studies – Development potentials, planning and process layout.
  • Rezoning – Change of land-use rights to suite your development proposal.
  • Township establishment – Proclamation with land-use rights as per specific developments.
  • Formalization and upgrading – Design and proclamation of informal settlements.
  • Consolidation – Merging of two or more properties into one.
  • Subdivision – Division of erven or farms into two or many properties.
  • Consent uses – Subservient land-use rights for Spaza, Crèche, home office, etc.
  • Relaxation – Increment of building height, coverage or/and decrease of building lines.
  • Removal of conditions – Removal of restrictive tittle deed conditions.
  • Layout plans, Building plans and SDPs – Drafting of town planning related designs.
  • Free advisory services.