Town Planning Companies in Johannesburg

Town Planning Companies in Johannesburg & Pretoria

best town planning companies in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is considered the city with highest number of town planning companies in South Africa, however it is difficult to distinguish which are the best town planning companies in Pretoria and Johannesburg. 2020 Planning Group is considered the best town planning companies in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and North West. The Second  consultancy in Johannesburg area is City Scope followed by MetroPlan and MTO Town Planners respectively.

2020 Town Planning Group

2020 Planning Group is a consulting town planning and development company offering specialist advice and services to landowners, developers and communities. We provide high-quality professional advice, practical solutions and an efficient service tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

What we offer clients in Johannesburg

  • Township Establishments
  • Rezoning/Amendment of Land Use Schemes
  • Removal of Restrictive Title Conditions
  • Subdivisions
  • Consolidations
  • Consent Uses
  • Permissions
  • Relaxations
  • Representation at Municipal Planning Tribunal Hearings and Appeal 

Land Use Rights or Permissions in Johannesburg

We have a good track record in obtaining land use rights for developments such as Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Residential Estates, Retirement Villages, Golf Estates, Office Parks, Offices, Home-Undertakings, Medical / Dental Suites, Informal Housing, Residential Game Estates, Hotels, Motor Dealerships, Petrol stations, Industrial Developments, Commercial Developments, Low Cost Housing Projects, Old Age Homes, etc.

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Town Planning Companies in Johannesburg

Consent Use

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terms of appointment

Before starting with any work, unless instructed otherwise, we shall set out in writing the issues that need to be addressed in order to achieve your objectives, the work that we would do and the costs involved.